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Even a screwdriver can't scratch the paint off - because the color is impregnated into the material!

Page #12: Features

Tuff-Core is made of expanded polystyreme, the same material used in freezer walls, refrigerators, coolers, etc. The energy conserved in heating and cooling quickly pays for itself. To compare its insulating capabilities to orther materials, 3" of Tuff-Core is equivalent to:

  • 8" of Fiberglass
  • 15" of Hardwood
  • 72" of Brick

The outer Tuff-Core "skin" is as
strong as it is beautiful and is:

  • Maintenance Free
  • Flexible and Durable
  • Moisture-Resistant
  • Scratch and Ding-Resistant
    -It's Nearly Indestructible!

Tuff-Core is standard for out Curved
and Straight Eave roofs, and optional
for the solid wall area.

 The superior insulation
 properties of Tuff-Core
 means superior energy
 savings for you.


 Choose Your Room Options

 Exclusive Patented U.L. Listed Electrical System

C-Thru's Patented electrical system allows you to place outlets practically anywhere without unsightly conduit or extension cords.

  • C-Thru's electrical system is UL listed, safe, and legal
  • Each eletrical sytem comes with a ground fault
    interrupter (GFI)

 Glass Kickplate and Transom Options

Solid insulated kickplates (are below the window) and transoms (area above the windows) are standard on all rooms. The glass kickplate and transom are upgrade options to the standard rooms.

- Great way to bring extra light and yard into your room
- Glass kickplates & transom options can be done separately from each other

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