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Exclusive DuraLite Glass comes standard throughout our rooms.

  • 8 times stronger than residential window glass
  • 10 times more scratch-resistant than acrylic
  • 2 times more clarity than other glass
  • Safer for your family and virtually indextructible!

    Even with nearly 400 lbs. of weight, DuraLite won't crack or break


1. Enviro Sealed

This one element of your room, although unseen, is one of the most important parts of your windows and doors. It is the spacer between the glass. Enviro Sealed is the most advanced energy efficient spacer of its kind. Commonly known as 'warm edge technology' it acts as an insulator between the outside temperature and you. Unlike old school metal spacers. Enviro Sealed is comprised of non-metallic structural elemets that insulate incredibly well. It is the longest lasting seal on the market minimizing seal failure, condensation and mold.

2. SmartGlass

What makes it Smart is the clear, low emissivity coating of silver on the inside of the hermetically sealed glass units. There is no better wall to have a confortable and usable room than to have Smart Glass. Our Sunroom and enclosure come standard with 1" think insulated glass units. They are 33-50% thicker than industry standard insulated glass and are the ideal thickness for high performance glass.

3. Duralite Roof

Standard in all our sunrooms and enclosures. This glass is especially formulated and is nearly indestructible. In most sunrooms you have as many windows in that one room as you do in an entire home. Because of this, safety should be a #1 consern, Duralite Glass is your answer.


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